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 Our Global Recognized Alarms Management Systemalarms management

MedTel Services has been a leader in alarms management technology for nearly 30 years. Our Alarms Management solution provides a multi-platform consisting of two major components: 

  • IRISnGEN – a powerful, centralized management GUI application for your Network Operations Center (NOC) 
  • SEB NET-PATH – a series of remote agent appliances that monitor your network components. Together, these items provide complete endpoint management for your voice and data components.

MedTel Services Alarms Management offers support for:
  • Avaya Aura event monitoring for Communications Manager (CM) and IP Office
  • Nortel, Cisco, Shoretel, Siemens, Mitel product support
  • Interconnectivity to additional systems such as Network Management Systems (NMS), Call Accounting, and Ticketing systems through IRISnGEN's Standard Dynamic Alarm Reporting Template
The Alarm Management Solution

Provides a proactive insight on the health and vitality of voice and data network elements.

Monitoring Businesses Remotely and Securely

As businesses grow, the challenges of tracking & responding to maintenance problems grow too. IRISnGEN and SEB NET-PATH easily monitor millions of messages and maintain thousands of PBXs, voicemail systems, IVR systems, network elements and contact closure devices such as fire alarms or door sensors.



  • Protected capital investment with vendor independent architecture

  • Proactive fault detection and correction

  • Potential crises identified before they occur

  • Issues resolved quickly and effectively

  • Maintained Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

  • Lower phone costs with minimized calls into the NOC

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Increased ROI


Alarms Management Brochure

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IRISnGen Monitoring System

IRISnGEN - IRISnGEN enables you to monitor and manage any type of device connected to your network. Devices such as legacy Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), network element such as a router; gateway; or peripheral device with a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent, OR a contact closure device such as a fire alarm or door sensor. All of these are monitored and managed under IRISnGEN's rich, GUI application.

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For more information on SEB NET-PATH's,
please read our product specification

SEB NET-PATHm - Designed for smaller PBX's or Key Systems, this entry-level, remote agent appliance contains 2 communication ports, 1 Ethernet port, 4 contact sensors, and 16 Mb Flash/64 Mb SDRAM, and manages up to 5 network elements. This device shares the same software as the standard SEB NET-PATH, but with a limited physical footprint. If more than 5 elements must be monitored, simply upgrade to SEB NET-PATH!

SEB NET-PATH - Our "flagship" remote agent appliance, the SEB NET-PATH manages up to 20 network elements for effective fault automation and configuration management. This appliance contains up to 8 communication ports, 1 Ethernet port, up to 16 contact sensors, 32 Mb Flash/128 Mb SDRAM.


SEB NET-PATH Plus - This sophisticated device includes all the alarms management capability of SEB NET-PATH, plus the protection of firewall technology. VPN access securely connects NOC engineers and remote workers to customer networks. Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), this device can consolidate management FOR up to 20 network elements. The SEB NET-PATH Plus contains 4 communication ports, 2 LAN/1 WAN Ethernet ports, 8 contact sensors, and 32 Mb Flash/128 Mb SDRAM.


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