Special Security Advantage

A Telephony Solution for High-Risk & Security Applications

Business Communication Security Shield

The need for security is constant at many high-visibility,secure environments including: campuses, healthcare establishments, utilities, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, city and county jails and federal, state and
municipal organizations. The communications system must serve as a communications tool to the outside world and a security system for internal operations.

The MedTel Services Special Security Advantage (SSA) application package combined with the advanced calling and reporting features of the Cerato VCSe 2000/9000 switching system offers several security features for these unique environments.

The Security Display Terminal

The SDT is a PC-based application that provides Control Center security staff the ability to immediately identify the type of security event and the originating name and description associated with where the call came from, along with a unique audible alert for each event type. The display features color coded events, time-stamps, and provides archived and printed reports on security events. This enables rapid response to security issues and events within the facility.

Security Display Terminal

Mobile Alert


  • Security Conferences
    • Emergency Events
    • Call Monitoring
    • No Dial Trips
    • Timed Call-In's
  • Digital and Print Reports
    • Report of events with real-time call data to the Security Display Terminal
    • Audible Alerts as events are reported by the system
    • Printed reports archive event data
  • Additional
    • Telephone Disability
    • Out-Dialing Notifications and Emergency Alerts 
      • Weather Alerts, Campus Alerts, Business Closings,etc.


  • Enterprise Communication Servers
  • Business Communication Systems 

    Created for the mid to large enterpirse market, the VCSe2000 and VCSe 9000 communication servers are based on the unparalleled strength and reliability of MedTel Services 20-20 product family. VCSe 2000 supports up to 2000 users. VCSe 9000 supports up to 9000 users.

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  • VoIP Phone
  • Business VoIP Phones 

    The simplicity of the VCSe Communication Server family is further supported by the MedTel Services SIP phones and endpoints. Designed with the user in mind these phones offer executive appeal showing off sleek accents surrounded by a sturdy, crisp black frame and handset.

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