The Cerato VCSe100

A Premium Communication Suite


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The Cerato VCSe 100 is a communication solution for businesses of all sizes. With a variety of models, the VCSe100 provides your organization with reliable voice communications, voicemail and wireless capabilities. They are scalable products for your business, integrating a feature-rich phone system, IP phones and powerful software features that will improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The VCSe100 is an excellent choice if you are evaluating your businesses phone system.

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Favicon.gifThe Cerato VCSe 100 is solid state architecture with no assembly required.  No moving parts means fewer failure points, no need for card installation or swapping, and less susceptibility to extreme environments.

Favicon.gifOur SIP VCSe communication servers provide a forward compatible platform protecting your platform investment from 1 to 500 users and protecting your handset investment all the way to 9000 users.

Favicon.gifThe Arcata Vision Video phone makes it easier for you to do your job effectively by providing a seamless integration to network IP cameras. Vision Video phones allow for video verification prior to activating doors for deliveries, secured employee entry, or granting after hours customer access.  They also provide face-to-face video calling for people in remote locations.

Favicon.gifThe Cerato VCSe 100 utilizes the quality, reliability and extensibility of the MedTel Services 20-20 architecture.  This gives you over 20 years of rock-solid history supporting you and your customers.

Favicon.gifNot only does the Cerato VCSe 100 support the Arcata SIP phones, but it also provides integration with a number of SIP-based endpoints, including IP network cameras, intercoms, paging speakers, and SIP DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) for complete mobility.

  • Insurance office
  • Law firm
  • Long Term Care Facility - Assisted Living/Retirement/Hospice
  • Medical Office - Family Practice/Rehab/MRI/Clinic
  • Non Profit/Foundation
  • Professional Services - Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Restaurant
  • School - Daycare/Elementary/ Middle
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Benefits at a Glance

  • Installed and running quickly
  • Built-in voice messaging
  • 1U, rack mount profile
  • Solid state technology
  • Supports up to 64 SIP extensions (128 on Universal)
  • Sleek, ergonomic SIP phones
  • Color, touch screen video phone
  • SIP DECT support for mobility
  • Easy remote phone setup with no requirement for hard VPN
  • Built-in future compatibility with no forklift upgrade
  • Networks up to 16 remote locations
  • Complete support for analog, digital and up to 30 SIP trunks

Industry recommendations

  • Accounting/Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Business Services - Architect/Engineering/Marketing
  • Branch Office
  • Church
  • Dealership - Auto/Marina/Motorcycle/RV
  • Dental office
  • Pharmacies
  • Small Business

Integrating Options

  • VoIP Phone
  • Business VoIP Phones 

    If your looking for a compelte phone systems, we have a variety of IP Phones. Every phone has a number of design options with up to 96 programmable keys, full speakerphone, large easy to read display, and more

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  • Voice Communication Servers
  • Cerato Business Phone Systems

    Created for the mid to large enterpirse market, the VCSe2000 and VCSe 9000 communication servers are based on the unparalleled strength and reliability of MedTel Services 20-20 product family. VCSe 2000 supports up to 2000 users. VCSe 9000 supports up to 9000 users.

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  • Unified Communication
  • OfficeLinx Unified Communication

    Officelinx is an unified communications and collaboration platform. With Officelinx you can access real-time communication services such as voice, chat, presence, click-to-dial, conferencing, and geo-location mapping right within your business applications

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  • Contact Center
  • OmniWorks Contact Center

    Delivering superior customer service is what OMNIWorks Customer Interface Management (CIM) is all about. OMNIWorks® call center software quickly connects customers to the right resource, manages the interaction and provides the reports you need to optimize contact center operations.

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