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With all the functions of a traditional phone, MedTel’s softphone applications are easy to download and simple to use whether you’re sitting at your desk or in route to a meeting. Upon registering a softphone to the MedTel Cloud systems, you can pick up and dial calls from anywhere with the presence of being in the office. The Softphone can be used as a fully featured system phone, including user status, access to company phone books, and a complete range of system functions.

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VoIP T41

T41 VoIP Phone


Computer Desktop Software Phone

iOS & Andriod Phone Apps

Mobile Apps Software Phone


iPhone/iPad app available from the Apple app store here 
Download the Installation guide for the iPhone/iPad Softphone here 

Android app, available from the Google Play store here 
Download the Installation guide for the Android Softphone here

Download Windows PC Softphone here 

Download the Installation guide for the Windows PC Softphone here